3 Months drinking of some healthy drink

Published April 11, 2016 by Hadufuns Bernardo

I’ve tried drinking wheatgrass juice and kefir for the last 3 month. Wonder why? well, I got pretty stress in my work and forget to balance my private life and work. (Pretty common to us!) Because of it, I get sick and slowly getting fat.

After 1 year of being workaholic, sickness start to visit me.

  1. I got a low back pain, from sitting long hours of work.
  2. My body is getting deform from lack of exercise.
  3. I always feel tired and hardly get up in the morning.
  4. I got a little bit fatty liver.
  5. My skin sucks.
  6. ETC! ( dont want to mention anymore!)

So I visited my friend, she was a doctor an integrative medicine. She check me up telling me lots of things like if I still don’t change my life style, I’m gonna get this or that. It was pretty depressing to heard all of those and yet quite happy cause atleast I still not that sick base on the check up.

So one of the recommendation is every morning the 1st thing I should do is to drink my kefir, it my choice either water or milk kefir, then I should have a light exercise like walk or jog atleast 30-45 minutes before I take my meal.

In the evening, I should walk or jog again for 15-30 minutes after my dinner then drink a glass of wheatgrass juice before I go to sleep!

My doctor insist me do to this for atleast 3 months! A self discipline is a must, you can’t even imagine how hard to keep going. You need to ferment your own kefir to make it more cheaper and to make your own wheatgrass juice by using juicer.  By the way the exercise is for 5 times a week only!

I keep drinking those 2 drinks for day and night, I believe the effect is very very slow but surely I feeling it more right.

After drinking and walking for 2 weeks, I start getting up earlier again but still feel the tiredness sometimes but no choice but to follow the instruction.

Well in short after taking this therapy for 3 months total lost of fats 15 lbs not that much but atleast I could see my curve again in my stomach! Cheers!

PS – I might quit my job!





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