3 Basic method for Juicing the Wheatgrass Juice

Published May 6, 2012 by Hadufuns Bernardo

Good day, I obviously cannot help it but to get impressed with the rewards in juicing the wheatgrass could possibly do for us.  3 month ago, I simply just got curious and stared to juice the wheatgrass basically because one of my friend keep bragging how delicious and nutritious it was. The taste was really good with just a little magic, it taste like a Starbucks green tea, LOL!

This is what a Wheatgrass Juice looks like, lol ü

After consecutively drinking it for almost a month, I do feel some changes:

  • Every time I wake up in the morning I do feel more energetic and refreshing
  • My eyes don’t feel that tired anymore (because of my work related, I’m facing the computer for more than 10 hours Monday – Saturday and it feel so tiring even after sleep)
  • It also improve my immune system having a regular bowel everyday
  • The stressful night when I was so tired and can’t get asleep was gone
  • And more

After realizing that much benefit in my 1st hand experience I started to research more about wheatgrass.

This is what a wheatgrass look like

Here are the sources that I have found feel free to visit it:

Ok, let get back to the original purpose on how to extract the wheatgrass juice easier. I have experience quite a lot in extracting the wheatgrass juice, and base on my experience I won’t recommend people to use manual hand! I’ve tried this about 2 times because I never imagine that I will drink this for long-term! (It’s feel like torturing myself but when I think about it back then I just laugh how stupid am I)

  • The method that I have use is a juicer, although a juicer can extract the wheatgrass juice but it is also the less effective method. I’ve read some blog and it was recommend that the wheatgrass should be wrap in a spinach leaves before putting it in the juicer and you also need to add some fruits so it can help you break down and to add flavor in your wheatgrass juice. I only use this method once, after using it, I decided to try the blender so I can try drinking the pure wheat grass juice. (Still very curious what it really taste like that time, LOL!) – click here to buy
  • The most common use will be the blender, it can easily be use for making a wheatgrass juice, as easy as just add water and wheatgrass. Base on my experience the water level should cover the wheat grass more or less, you can also add some ice if you want to serve it cold. Just put the blender on high speed and blend it. Then you will need to strain the mush through a small meshed strainer. (This is for extracting the juice only, but some people like to drink it without straining it cause there’s still fiber in the mush, so just try what will fit you) – click here to buy
  • Using a machine called juicing masticator (looks quite the same with a meat grinder) can be the most effective way to extract the juice of wheatgrass. This machine’s function is to grind and press the wheatgrass to produce the juice. So using a masticators can be as easy as 1 2 3, but it worth about the price ranging from $30 – $1000, basically there are 2 type a manual juicing masticator and an electrical juicing masticator. Of course the juice that was extract in the machine can be mixed with any juices, you may experiment what flavor you prefer but for me I like to mix it with wipe cream and some syrup.  – click here to buy

Wheat-grass juice is considered to be a healthy drink, and there are advantages in making it to juice. One main reason is kids do not like to eat vegetable but they really really like to drink plenty of juice, we can take advantage of it. Mix with their favorite fruits and let them grow healthier. I hope you’ll enjoy drinking wheatgrass juice like I do. Cheers!

Wait! For people who are interested to learn the proper way of juicing is wheatgrass (video Course) click here!


10 comments on “3 Basic method for Juicing the Wheatgrass Juice

  • Wheatgrass is a food prepared from the cotyledons of the common wheat plant, Triticum aestivum. It is sold either as a juice or powder concentrate. Wheatgrass differs from wheat malt in that it is served freeze-dried or fresh, **”::

  • Eating coconut oil provides energy like a carbohydrate without having the blood sugar impact that carbs normally do.
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  • Thanks for the post. I also researched a bit on wheat grass and I never knew that one can increase the flavor of wheat grass juice by adding spinach and fruits. Normally, grinding the wheatgrass into juice using a mortar and pestle produces the most nutritious results than using a blender.

  • Personally i find that using a masticating juicer works best when making wheat grass juice, although it is certainly more expensive. Never had much luck using a blender.

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