The Best Way to Cook Kefir Cheese

Published September 15, 2013 by Hadufuns Bernardo
kefir cheese

Kefir Cheese

Just like raw milk and yogurt, kefir can also be used for the production of cheese. This can be done by simply letting the kefir stand for 24 to 48 hours until curds and whey are formed. These curds then make up a soft and simple Kefir cheese. Here are the steps to do the Kefir cheese.


  • Raw milk
  • Kefir grains

Materials needed:

  • Glass jar
  • Deep bowl
  • Coffee filter or linen cloth
  • Strainer


  1. Warm the raw milk over low heat for around 40 minutes until slightly reduced. Let it cool.
  2. Add the grains to the milk in 1:5 proportions with 1 part for the grain and 5 parts for the milk.
  3. Let the mixture stand at a warm room temperature for 24 hours to ferment.
  4. Cord the strainer with a coffee filter or a linen cloth, whichever is available.
  5. Place the strainer over a deep bowl.
  6. Pour in the fermented kefir to the strainer and then let it stand to strain for 12 hours or until the soft cheese is formed according to your preferred consistency.
  7. Take out the kefir grains and wash them. Let them dry in an open air and store for future use.

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