Fact about Kratom – Infographic

Published July 23, 2013 by Hadufuns Bernardo

Above image is a comparison about myths versus reality about Kratom. For my opinion either it’s myths or reality both are right, why? Simple because data do change and improve. As each generation pass, a new era will be born and old data will be use for reference but ofcourse not all things in this world can be updated immediately.

Today kratom can be use in United State, I’ m pretty sure that US wont allow people to use it if there isn’t any scientific research. I’ve also research that many people are using kratom for cooking and some people drink it like tea. We all know that taking too much of anything is not very good to our health so we just really need some self-discipline, even drinking to much water before we sleep is not good to our boy, so either it’s myths or reality we still need to be caution about our healthy.


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